Where Did They Go?

Ride Report 7/19/20

  1. Finally, A Group Ride
  2. Boy That Was Fun!
  3. Where’d They Go?
  4. The Final Stats
  5. Foiled Again

Finally, a group ride.  That’s what I was thinking as there were three people when I got to the meeting place and about seven more rode in. And there was an A and a B group.  Definitely B for me these days as the Battle of the Bulge is no longer just an event from WWII. 

Boy, that was fun!  I may be a B rider when it comes to climbing, but on the flats or a slight decline, I and still hang with the best of them.  It was not far down the road that I was with the lead group going 32 mph (50 kph).   I have often wondered why all cycling routes can’t be all downhill.   I mean does anyone go uphill skiing? Bike lifts could become a thing.

Where’d They Go?  And then it happened.  The A/lead group got to an intersection and the climbing was about to begin.  I slowed down to check on the riders behind me and there weren’t any.  They were either really far behind or had already turned off.  I thought I knew where they were going to so I picked a possible meeting place and headed for it.  When I got there, I rode up and down the road a couple times but they were nowhere in sight.  It was getting hot so I headed home. 

The Final Stats.  I finished with 21.6 miles (just under 35 km) at and average pace of I don’t care.  It was better than sitting on the couch all morning.

Foiled Again.  It seems that group rides are just not for me.  But if you are looking for someone to lose a group of cyclists, count me in.  I am definitely an advocate for helmet communications after this morning.  Another pro for riding on Zwift.  I can honestly say I have never lost the group in Zwift especially with discord.   

Me, on my best day

There is always the good news.  I got a workout in.  I was off the bike before it got too hot.  I at least got a glimpse of the group.  Last but not least, I have arrived safely home to my waiting couch.  There is always next weekend.