Ride Report 7/4/20

My Independence Day Ride, Where Were You Guys?

Those are just a couple of the possible titles I could have given for this article. 

It seemed like a nice enough day so I thought I would do something I rarely do these past few years, go on a group ride.  I checked the email, checked the route on the website, arrived 10 minutes early and waited 10 minutes after the appointed meeting time but my compadres were a no show.  Was there a change of route or time?  Quite possibly, it happens all the time.  Does it really matter?  Not really. 

The crew from the “Double D” (Dunkin Donuts) ride was there so when they left the park by the lake so did I.  When they went straight and up the hill I of course went left.  Why would I forsake a perfectly good stretch of paved flat road for a hill?

It was a nice pleasant ride for the most part.  There was lots of shade and not too many hills.  It was also my longest ride (outside) so far this year.  30.75 miles.  Ave speed: I don’t care.  Fastest speed: 32 mph downhill.  All of that weight counts for something.

Not much to brag about I realize but still good for me.  The COVID-19 has hit me pretty hard (that would be additional weight, not the virus).  Ok, not quite 19 pounds but it sure feels like that on some days.

My Independence Day Ride.  I kind of like that title as it suites me most of the time.  I get to ride at my own pace, and be un-assaulted by religion, politics or whatever else is on someone else’s mind.  I also never get dropped when going up hills or have to kill myself to catch up again.  That might be the best part of all.  I mean group rides are for riding together and having fun, right?

I did have the company of the birds, the bugs, chipmunks and even a woodchuck stood up on the road to take note of my passing. 

Half way through the ride I realized this might make for a good article or at least it would be good therapy for me to do a little writing.  I also realize that for most people looking at pictures is way more gooder than reading words.  I considered photos ops for the next 10 miles and nothing inspirational struck me. 

The color matches my eyes.

Then, just as I was ready to make the final turn 100 meters from my house, there it was.  At the local consignment shoppe was the steed I had been looking for.  I had a Mary Poppins moment as I considered myself riding that bike, flowers and all, for the 30 miles I had just finished.  It was a fleeting, romantic notion at best but when you are riding alone you have to learn to entertain yourself.  I think I would have looked pretty silly in a habit on a bike (The Flying Nun?) but no one would have noticed anyway. 

Except for maybe the birds.