Self Help Zwift-Cycling


Some things I hate to admit.  I hate to admit that I sometimes care what people think.  I hate to admit I care as much about my personal appearance as I do.  I hate to admit I sometimes don’t have as much energy as I wished I had.  I hate to admit that sometimes I don’t eat as well as I should. 

None of those things are today’s topic, though easily any of them could be (and may be future topics).  Today’s topic has to do with belonging.

I have an independent streak a mile wide.  I don’t like being told what to do.  You could say that I am a rebel and do not like authority.  Pretty much tell me I have to do something and I will either tell you to forget it or I will find a way to get around it.

That’s why I hate to admit I like being a part of things that are bigger than I am.

My first memories of that feeling came playing sports and singing in the choir in grade school.  There is just something about singing with other people and how great it sounds when voices blend together that makes me feel really good.  I have even joined a couple of choirs as an adult and really love the experience.  I have been gifted with a natural ability to harmonize that I don’t get to use nearly enough!

I think there is something about the human experience that we all have a deep down need to belong.  We join groups, we go dancing, join group bike rides, join Facebook groups.  I have never been much of a joiner but yet sometimes I still do.

My latest joining is with Zwift and specifically the HERD Facebook group.  Some of the joining I did not even know about (HERD leaders)!  The HERD is a nice community of Zwifters, multi-national for sure, everyone working together to make a nice experience for all involved.  This is a nice model for how people can get along. 

Even though I have been on Zwift for more than a year, I had made a concerted effort to not get TOO involved.  Then in comes David Turner (D.T.)  and next thing I know I am leading rides! 

The HERD has grown by leaps and bounds and despite the numbers, there is still lots of room if you too would like to get involved.  I hear and see conversations almost daily, looking for more rider leaders and red beacons (head sweep).   As with most groups I suppose a small percentage do most of the work. 

If you’re like me, you would like to stay in the back ground and just ride.  I get that and I am right there with you! But if you feel the call to belong just a little bit more, reach out to Cori or Marius or Carl or Brad or any of the other ride leaders on your favorite ride.  We can always use a little more help and the satisfaction from belonging is worth the price of admission.