Self Help

New Year’s Eve Poem

With the New Year
Just hours away
There are a few things
I’d like to say

There are some things that matter
And some things that don’t
Some things you can change
And some things that won’t

Your health first and foremost
You should handle with great care
With it you can do all things
Without it there is no time to share

Next comes faith
Of which I hope you have some
With just a little
Great things can be done

Also I hope
You have love in your life
Start by loving yourself
Without fear or strife

Then love your family
Your significant other
Your husband or wife

Set yourself some goals
To know where you’re going
So the seed you’re planting
Is in the correct field you’re sowing

Smile and be kind
To people everyday
You never know what they’re going through
And what will help them along the way

Go for walks out in nature
And you soon you will see
What a difference in your soul
And what peace you will feel

Slow down just a little
And on the road
Put down your phone sometimes
Every moment is yours to know

Go for experiences over things
You will be happier in the end
No one lies on their death bed
Thinking of money and how to spend

So grab someone you love
And give them a hug

Tell them you care
And your life with them share

For in the end
Only the people we love and those that love us really matter
Everything else in life is just idle chatter

Take it from me
I’ve been through a lot
Take inventory of the good things
And be happy with what you’ve got

None of us know
Which day will be our last one
So go out tonight
Be happy, dance and have fun!

Happy New Year!