Miscellaneous Zwift-Cycling

Sitting on the Couch

I really like sitting on the couch as much as anyone.  That probably stems from my childhood where such a foolish endeavor was greatly frowned upon.  Even more than that, getting caught sitting on the couch watching the TV at just about any time of the day was a very big no-no.  We were supposed to be doing something and even better if it was considered a productive thing like piling firewood, mowing the lawn or working in the garden.

My Dad owned a woodlot about a half a mile down the road.  He would often go down there to retrieve firewood, build roads and all other kinds of “fun” things.  He would often drive the W-14 Case Loader which made short work of the distance when in road gear.  My siblings and I knew that sound well, the loader cruising down the road in high gear.   It was our cue to run and hide, find something to do or at the very least turn off the TV and get off the couch!

Fast forward to today and I still have the feeling of foreboding whenever I sit on the couch for any significant period of time.  Did I forget something I should be doing?  Are my bills paid?  Is the laundry done?  It is as if I am still listening for the loader to return from the woods, my father riding high in the saddle.

One thing I know for sure is that almost anything is more productive than sitting on the couch.  Going one better, almost any activity burns more calories than sitting on the couch.  That is where Zwift comes in.

I have this conversation with myself all the time.  Sit on the couch, watch TV or Zwift?  Even though riding on Herd Rides is fun I don’t always feel like it.  It takes ambition that I sometimes don’t have to change into riding shorts, fill a water bottle, grab a towel, move the TV, and all the other little things needed to get my Herd on. 

The good news is that when the ride is over I am always happy I got off the couch.  My blood pressure goes down along with my anxiety and sometimes even my weight, all good things! 

Mostly couches should be reserved for day-time sleeping otherwise known as naps.  I won’t give up my couch or my naps.  Naps can be productive, especially if afterwards you feel ready and raring to go once again.

One thing for certain is that it is pretty easy to ride circles around anyone sitting on the couch.  So hop up, get on your trainer and join a Herd ride.  You will be glad you did.

There’s no place like couch.