Miscellaneous Self Help


Reading and I have a love hate relationship.  Most of the time my short attention span precludes me from reading very much.  But when I do read it becomes my passion, my obsession for short periods of time.

My first interlude with reading was between sixth and eighth grades.  It started out with the Hardy Boys mysteries followed closely by the Nancy Drew mysteries.  Since Nancy Drew was aimed more at girls I kept it quiet…but I still read them.  I read them all in fact, every book in both series.

In late middle school I read every single book in the library about World War I, World War II, the French and Indian War, the War of 1812, etc, etc, etc.  I could identify every airplane, ship and tank that was used by every army in every war.

I also read about explorers including Ponce de Leon and Lewis and Clark. Their sense of adventure allowed me to explore in a way that my humble beginnings could only imagine.

There was a limit as to how many books I could check out at a time.  I pretty much ignored that rule.  The librarian and others would tell me I could not read that many books that fast.  At times I was reading two or three books a day.  On the weekends I would often read seven or eight books.

I have also gone long periods where I do not read at all.  I lose interest or I tried to read something that did not grab my interest.  Inevitably though the urge to read returns.

As an adult I have had many bouts of binge reading.  I have read every Michael Crighton book there is including the ones he wrote under his pen names John Lange and Jeffrey Hudson.  There were also the Pitticus Lore novels which were written by several authors for young adults.  I feel like a young adult most of the time so that suites me well.

My eldest son is an avid reader so I have read many books from his suggested reading list.  I still remember the first book he recommended, Bambi.  If you have not read Bambi as an adult then you should. 

I have also read Malcom Gladwell and David Goggins.  I like to read books about former Navy seals.  Not because I like war but because of the can do, let’s find a way to overcome attitude.  Life is after all a never ending series of obstacles. Having some positive inspiration to deal with life is always a good thing.

I have also read the Bible from cover to cover.  I did it just so I could say that I had done it.  Trust me when you get to the part where there are seemingly endless genealogies it is no picnic.

I have not read much in the way of books lately but it does seem if I have the option between watching a sports or new video or other type of video I still prefer reading the article instead.  I tend to absorb what I read.

I have always been a very slow reader but have very high retention and comprehension.  Speed is not everything.

My reading seems to have evolved these past few months into writing.  I mean why just be a consumer when you can also be a producer?  Today is a day that I thought would never come when I started writing in March of 2019. Today is the day that I have written my 100th article.  I am looking forward to writing many more and have even made bigger goals of writing a book and making it into a move.  I even have a subject and a title!

There really is no lesson to be learned from all of this with one possible exception.   Nothing is ever accomplished unless you get started.