Banjo Ukes and Odd Fenders

Sometimes things that are different or unique appeal to me.   Put that together with being a little bit of a collector and a mild case of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and I am likely to collect almost anything.

Lately I have been presented with my newest interest, vintage banjo ukuleles.

The first one I got as a gift for my lovely daughter though as she is in college and has a great many interests it ended up being something that I bought myself.  It is a vintage 1920’s California Style banjo ukulele probably made by Harmony.  I have no idea of its value though it is probably not worth all that much.  The cool factor is definitely there.

California Style Banjo Ukulele

The latest one I have acquired is a Michigan banjo ukulele with a beautiful mahogany resonator.  The guy I got this from, Mike Speno from Speno’s music, says it is from the 1930’s.  Whatever time period it is from it has the rare distinction of no available information online.  I usually find something about every instrument that I come across but not this time. 

Michigan Banjo Ukulele

If by chance you come across this article and have more information I would like to hear from you and find out more about it.

The last instrument I want to mention is a 1960’s Harmony made 3/4 size guitar with a Fender head stock.  I believe it to be an F-1000. It is also probably not worth much but it is also pretty cool.  Here is a link with additional info:

Fender F-1000

On a cold snowy day like today it is good have a hobby.