The Birds of Wegmans

First off, no I do not get paid for writing about Wegmans or anything or anyone else for that matter.  So this may sound like a plug or some kind of free advertising for them but trust me it is not.  I do not think they need my help.

Wegmans is just one of those places.  It is kind of like the Cheers of supermarkets.  The people in Nature’s Market all know me by name.  The cashiers are friendly and engaging for the most part.

Wegmans also seems to be the meeting place of Auburn.  I see a lot people there that I would otherwise never run into.  Most of the time, they are in a big hurry to get to some important event.  Sometimes people will stop and chat for a while.  I am usually OK with it either way.  Sometimes I am in a hurry though most of the time I am not.

It would seem even the house sparrows in the parking lot are friendly as there were about six of them hanging out in the shopping carts outside.  The guy from helping hands probably thought me a little strange to be stopping to take photos of some silly birds. 

House Sparrows in the carts outside.

Birds and I seem to have a thing going lately.  I have never thought birds to be overly friendly by nature but they seem to be appearing and letting me get close to them frequently as of late.

I realize how annoying birds can be a times.  They drops their payloads in swimming areas in the summer closing down beaches.  They baptize our vehicles when we park under the wrong power line or tree doing a number on the paint job. 

I have robins that seem to like to nest on top of the pillars under my front porch.  Yes, they poop on the deck (poop deck?) and make a nest but there is something comforting to me when I find them there.  It is like they trust me in someway to build their homes/nests and hatch their young literally under my roof and in full view of me.

It is as if birds like me.  What can I say?

I have always believed that animals and small children can sense the goodness in people or their energy if you prefer.   I often say that I get along well with animals and small children.  It is adults that are sometimes an issue.  It almost seems as if the more time I spend in prayer and in nature, the closer birds and animals allow me to approach. 

Who knows?  Maybe someday a bird will land on my shoulder to have a chat.  I just hope that it does not poop on me while it is there.