I Like Fall

Being a fall baby, I suppose it is only natural that fall would be my favorite season.  The only bad thing about fall is that it leads to winter.  That is a whole other story.

I like the fall not only because of the changing colors and carpet of leaves on my local nature trail but also because of the moderate temperatures and the wind.  Yes, I like the wind.

Spring is probably my least favorite because in Central New York it is overcast, dreary and wet most of the time.  And lately it seems like we go right from lousy spring weather to summer.

I am OK with summer because I would rather use an air conditioner and get to run around in shorts and flip flops than deal with the cold of winter. 

To me winter is a good time to not be in New York.

There is a certain romance to the fall.  It kind of makes you think of the smell of a fire in the wood stove or fireplace, apple picking, pumpkin pie and stuff like that.  Cuddling weather is about to begin.

The bugs tend to go away in the fall and I no longer have to mow the lawn.  I don’t have to be concerned with tick bites or getting stung. I can start to wear my favorite fleece sweater (just bought myself a new one today, the old one was worn out) that I wear just about every day anyway.  All summer long the air conditioning is on at work and so is that fleece.

I also used to be a big sports fan so football and basketball were my favorites.  Now-a-days, not so much as I have drifted more to music and dancing and yes, writing.

This is also Zwift season as it is getting too cold for those morning bike rides or at least it is for me.  There is something about 50 degrees at 8:30 am that doesn’t do anything for me.  Did I ever mention I don’t like being cold?  Zwift is more better (yes, bad grammar,  Deal with it ;).  Nothing beats the comfort of climate control in my home!

What do you like about fall?  I would like to hear from you.

Charlie Major Nature Trail. Leaves and all.