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Quest for Tron

As I have written before, I spent time on Zwift, part bike smart trainer, part virtual reality, part online game.  Tonight’s goal was to complete the Everest Challenge, 164,042 feet of climbing.

This Zwift thing started November 9, 2018 with the purchase of a smart trainer and a Zwift subscription. Of course in the beginning I thought, why do I need to enter any challenges and why do I care about a Tron bike?

You see, you get the Tron bike after completing the afore mentioned Everest Challenge.  True to stubborn form, I already had 40,000 feet of climbing before I entered the challenge or I would have had the Tron bike months ago.

So why would anyone care about the Tron bike?  Well a couple of reasons come to mind.  First of all it is rumored to be one of the faster bikes in Zwift.  I can use all the help I can get.  And then there is bragging rights for being able to say that you completed the challenge.  But probably the biggest thing is the cool factor because that glowing (green in my case) bike just looks….well…. cool.

So I got into a HERD group ride tonight, announced my intentions and an hour later, after the ride was over there were still six to eight people riding with me to support my Quest for Tron.  A quick right through the force field toward the jungle and about 15 minutes later the Tron was mine.  We stopped for a photo op on the bridge.

Thanks to K.P., Willy, Tim Wu, Carl and everyone else.  You guys rock and make it all a lot more fun.

If you are getting close to your Tron bike let me know and I’ll ride with you the rest of the way!  Moooo.