Stage Fright

Stage Fright

Thank God I do not get stage fright though it would be more correct to say I do not get stage fright like I used to.

I vividly remember my first band concert in sixth grade.  I sat down in my chair, the curtains went up and I froze.  Solid.  I do not remember a time when I have been more scared out of my wits.  Happily it did not last too long and I was able to play the concert.  That happened several more times.  Each time the stage fright would be a little less and not last quite so long.

I spoke in front of the Cayuga County Bar association back in the late 1990’s about the Internet and technology.  I had started the only Internet service in the area so I guess they thought I was some kind of an expert.  Actually it was my attorney that roped me into it.  I think they were desperate for speakers at their monthly luncheon.  I was a little horrified to be speaking off the cuff in front of a couple of hundred lawyers.

I have played and sang in front of many people over the years.  I have learned that being the front person/lead singer will never be my forte but I do like to be up there singing harmonies.  To me that is fun.

I have also danced more Cuban Salsa Rueda demonstrations than I can remember.  The highlight was on stage at the NY State Fair.  I was the leader/caller for the day.  That went really well.

My latest escapade was a West Coast Swing demonstration with the JT Swing team at an event near Boston this past weekend.  I was so nervous during the run through the night before I thought I would freeze up again.  I remember asking myself why I was doing this, putting myself in front of so many people with great opportunity to fail miserably.  I have only been doing West Coast Swing for five months which is nothing in dog years.

Yet it went ok.  I got through it relatively unscathed with no major brains farts.  The live demo would be the real test.

The next night we were on the floor and the three minute party began.  We got rave reviews as a team and I even remember looking at the crowd of few hundred people and being able to enjoy the moment.  That is a rarity for me.

Enjoying the moment after the successful routine allowed me to think back at a time that I might have had stage fright and froze or not been able to think or perform.  All those experiences over the years have helped me get to that exciting night and be a part of something that is bigger than me with dancers way more experienced.  And it was even fun.

If you ever get a chance to perform just go for it.  If you are looking for a safe way to enter into dancing demonstration try JT Swing.  It is a lot a work and worth every penny.

I can now honestly say that I do not get stage fright anymore or at least not like I used to.  Some things do get better with experience and time.

Here is the video link to the demo. Can you find me??


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