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Feeling 25

Most of the time, I feel like I am twenty-five.  Then I look in the mirror and jump back….who is that!?  Oh yeah, I forgot again. I am not twenty-five.

There are other reminders that I am not twenty five like when I spend two hours on the bike or feel like sleeping the entire next day after staying out late to dance or when I used to have boundless energy. 

I am also reminded at times like now when my back is being finicky.  It is probably more truthful to say that my back and I have had several disagreements over the years.

I remember the first one was at age sixteen.  I was a short little scrawny thing back then barely 145 pounds.  I tried picking up a tub full of dirt that probably weighed 50 pounds.  My back rejected the idea soundly landing me in bed for three days and a trip to the chiropractor where I discovered I had a narrow disk in my lower back.  I was admonished to work on core strengthening to protect it.  Overall I have done pretty well.

That was until about a week ago when I felt that first little twinge.  It probably was from dancing when I moved a little funny followed by four straight days of bike riding that tightened my hamstring muscles (which pull on the lower back) and missing a couple of days of stretching in the shower which is my normal routine.

Throw in three long days at work with a lot of sitting and there you have it: a perfect recipe for a severe back disagreement.

You would think with all of the joint/muscle training I have had as a Licensed Massage Therapist that I would know better by now but sometimes I still do not.  I am sure we can all relate -that often the busyness of life gets in the way of proper self-care.

It is a funny thing that when you are feeling good you can do anything.  When you are not feeling good that only thing you can do is work on feeling better.

I can only hope that next time I will heed the early warning signs a little better.  And try to remember that I am not twenty-five any more.

Yikes! What happened?!