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JT Swing

Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there, extend yourself beyond what you know.  It is scary to step into the unknown.  It can be overwhelming.

I am one of those people that exist on the edge of curiosity.  I don’t think it is so much that I like to try new things but I am curious and I get bored and restless at times with the status quo.

I guess you could say I like to keep moving.  That’s a bit challenging for me at times as well as sometimes I am not the most ambitious person in the world.  I have found that activity and busyness begets more activity and busyness.  It is almost as if the more I do the more energy I have.  I remember praying to be more busy and have people to do things with.  As always, be careful for what you wish more.  Some weeks I don’t have a day off!

I have put myself out there a lot over the past year or two.  I started collecting guitars.  I am starting a new business selling promotional products with two of my closest friends. I started this website and I have written sixty-five articles since March of 2019.  I started Zwifting last winter.  I started camping as well.

I also started taking West Coast Swing lessons earlier this year.  But the most interesting thing that I got involved in by far is JT Swing.  I have PJ Fritzler to thank for that.  He seems to be good at talking people into a lot of things.

JT Swing is a West Coast Swing choreography demonstration team started by Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann.   Jordan and Tatiana (JT) have more US Open titles than you can shake a stick at.  Local groups are scattered about the country (and overseas too) where directors learn and then teach the routine.   Demonstrations are held at dance events all over the place.  My first demo is scheduled in two weeks at Summer Hummer WCS event in Boston.

It has taken me weeks to learn the choreography.  Many times I felt so overwhelmed that I did not think I would learn it in time and asked myself why I am putting myself through it all!  Three private lessons, countless hours of practice at home alone and with others, and about two months later I am happy to report that I can remember the entire thing from start to finish.

I am appreciative and grateful to all those that have helped me along the way with encouragement, practice time, etc.  I am most grateful for those that encouraged me to put myself out there in the first place. 

Sometimes trying something new things is its own reward.  

I have often said that worse than dying is never having lived.  Sure feels like I have done a lot of living so far this year.  I am looking forward to many more years just like this one.