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The Inevitability of Time

The passage of time is inevitable.  It will pass while we work, while we play and even when we sleep.  Time stops for no one except for maybe Joshua (Joshua 10:13). 

I do find that rarely does anyone hope that time slows down.  The slowing of time requires an increase of patience and a having to wait for things longer.

When we are young it seems that everything is so far away and that time drags on, waiting to be old enough to drive a car, graduate high school, to start a family, etc.  Time also seems to slow down when times are tough when we are grieving a loss or when waiting for a loved one to return.

For sure time will pass.  If it will take one or two or three years to accomplish a goal you have why not start today?  The time will pass anyway whether you get started or not.  Start now and before you know it your goal will be realized.

In general time accelerates as we get older.  Days, weeks and months just seem to fly by.  One day we are age thirty then in no time at all children are adults with children of their own.

The only thing we can do with time is to make it pass as pleasantly as possible, filling our moments with productive and fun activities.  I often find that getting lost in work is a great way to pass time when waiting is necessary.  Other things that are great distractions are working out, riding bike and dancing.

So is time relative or a constant?  I would say that it is both.  The only thing for sure with time is that it will pass and moments will come and go.  Make the best of every moment for moments lost are gone forever and cannot be replayed. 

Be in the moment.  Make the most of every moment.  Life is after all a collection of moments to be remembered and hopefully to be cherished as we grow in age and wisdom.