Self Help


Some people say that I am a pretty intelligent person.  If I am it is only because I have made more mistakes than most.  You could say I have a great deal of experience making mistakes.

Some people say that I am wise.  If I am it is only because I have suffered a great deal of pain and have failed often.  The irony is that the more you fail and the more pain you suffer the wiser, hopefully, you will become.

I used to think that my pain and suffering was unique to me.  I would look at my friends and think they had it all together.  It took many years to realize they had it no more together than I did but they had learned to appear to be OK.  Fake it until you make it so to speak.

This is what I learned after realizing that pain and suffering is common to us all.  Some just accept and deal with it better.  I came up with three things that I always try to remember when dealing with others.

  1. Everyone has troubles in life.  I am not unique.
  2. Keeping number one in mind, people probably don’t have the time or energy to listen to me complain about my problems.
  3. Complaining does not solve anything anyway so why bother.  In fact, complaining just gives more energy to something you don’t want and just perpetuates the issue.  What we resist will persist.

Keeping these three things in mind I now try to always present a positive front.  If someone asks how I am I always try to tell them I am doing great.  If I keep saying things are good eventually they will be.  It is so important to be mindful of what we say.  It does indeed shape and create our reality.   As it says in the bible, “As is you faith, so be it unto you”. 

We get what we believe for, no more and no less.  If we believe something is not possible we are correct.  If we believe things are possible, they are.  If we know something will happen, it will.

Give your time and energy to the things you want in life.  You will amaze yourself what you will accomplish.