Flowers and Things

I have never been much of a gardener when it comes to flowers.  As a kid growing up there were always lots of vegetable gardens to contend with but I do not remember having the time or energy to do much with flowers. 

I mean I remember there were flowers probably because my mother took care of them but for the rest of us gardening for food was the priority.  With seven of us total, there was always a need food.

Fast forward to this year and my flower beds are, well, amazing.  I would like to take credit for how good they look except that a) I never planted the flowers in the first place and b) someone came and took care of the flower beds for me this year.  I look like I have an awesome green thumb when in fact I am just fortunate enough to know the right people and have the right kind of friends

Take the hosta for example. Don’t ask me what variety it is as I have now idea.  That crazy plant is nearly six feet across and over three feet high.  The bees are having a great time pollinating their little hearts out (do bees have hearts?).

The Dominater

I had this notion growing up that tiger lilies were endangered.  If they still are, you couldn’t prove it by me.  They grow wild everywhere around here and were a left over in my flower beds from the previous owner. 

I like the flowers, don’t get me wrong.  And I am hoping to have someone around next year to fix up the flower beds once again.  Any volunteers?

flowers flower bed
Lots of great stuff growing on.
Tiger Lilies?