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Do You Miss Me Yet?

I can still remember the feeling of freedom and exhilaration the first time I was able to hold 18 mph on a flat road.  It was like I was floating along.  I felt like I could hold that pace forever.

I was in my early 20’s then and somehow I was a long ways away from home, somewhere on Route 96 between Geneva and Phelps.  It feels like it was yesterday.

My first road bike was a Peugot, all steel frame and was probably a 10 speed.  I bought it at the local bike shop which is no longer there.  I sold it when I got married which was a big mistake.  Do not give up all of your hobbies when you get married.  You still need to have a life.

I did not ride at all until mid-40’s.  I showed up for a group ride with touring shoes, rat-traps and an old heavy steel bike.  After getting dropped in the first half mile five or six times I went and bought a bike, cleats and the all the rest of the stuff needed so I at least looked like I knew what I was doing. 

The bike and the cleats helped some though it took me a couple of years before I was able to hang with the group.  During that time the experienced riders made sure I understood proper riding etiquette and how to be safe riding in a group.  And they weren’t always nice about.  Safety was important.

Things have changed a lot since then.  I used to be able to hang with the “A” riders without too much of a fuss. Now, just as it was 14 years ago, I get dropped in the first half mile of just about every ride.  I like to joke that I used to be an “A” rider, but that was 10 pounds ago.  It is really tough climbing with guys that weigh far less than I do.  It appears I have gone full circle.

So, HERD family, do you miss me yet?

You will be seeing me in Zwift sooner than later.  I can see it is time to get the trainer but up and running so I can experience group rides again. It seems like I haven’t been on a group ride all summer, not since I stopped Zwifting.  Maybe there  should be a discord channel for IRL rides?

I haven’t had a frame pump thrown at me, been cheered on as I get dropped up a hill (B.Rad Hill) or been told to behave (Bike Mom) in a couple of months.  I miss riding sweep, especially when everyone wants to sweep me.

Riding outside is nice.  It is even nicer when you get to ride with a group. 

Writing and reflecting after a solo bike ride.