Two Shoes

Sometimes things in life just happen, bizarre things, potentially embarrassing things.  Like the time I went to work with two different shoes on.

I think we have all been there, shirt inside out, collar sticking up, shirt buttoned lopsided, tags sticking out, belt loops missed, etc, etc. The struggle is real. The distractions are ever present.

Ironically, I would never had noticed if I had not looked down at my feet. I walked into work feeling perfectly fine as both feet felt equally comfortable, as if I had matching shoes on.

It would not have been so bad if they had been two different sneakers or two different shoes.  No, that would have not been noticeable enough.  I had to put on one sneaker and one black walking shoe.  You know, something that could be spotted from a mile away.

I have done the two different socks thing.  That is not as likely to be noticed.  I think I may have even shaved part of my face.  But two different shoes? Ugh.  And of course the good part is I did it headed to work where you know people will be unmerciful, especially my boss who seems to delight in making fun of me whenever he can.

I considered just taking my shoes off and walking around in socks.  Not sure how that would go over and I could make up some story about dirt on my shoes.

I considered the 45 minutes it would take to drive home and back and ruled that out as well.  Better to take a chance of being picked on than loose an hour of billable time.

What I did do is bring up the security camera for the area outside of the kitchen so I could pick a time I could dart in and out to get my tea without being seen.  That worked.

So for full disclosure, this little event didn’t happen yesterday or last week or even last year.  It is happening right now.  Today. 

Looks like I will be spending a lot of time at my desk today.  Thank God for privacy panels.

It is tough being a trend setter.