Writing Aspirations

As a kid growing up in school, I never fancied myself as much of a writer. I mean I could be grammatically correct but my desire to write was pretty much non-existent.

Over the years I have been encouraged to write many times.  For a while I was in a masters program for clinical nutrition where I HAD to write, sometime two or three papers per week.  That was more technical writing where everything had to have a reference but it was writing none the less.  I was actually surprised that I could write a paper if I really needed to.  It was kind of an a-ha moment.

I have also been encouraged to write about health and wellness.  I have been studying the topic since I was 40.  Feel free to speculate but don’t ask.

About two years ago after a chance meeting with Dr. Steve, a chiropractor in Syracuse, he encouraged me to write.  Well, he actually challenged me to do the thing in life which I am most passionate about.  That thing is helping people. 

Helping people is a broad topic I know and trying to help people one at a time face to face just wasn’t feeding my soul regarding my desire to make a difference and be more impactful.  It took me awhile to get going but eventually I had a buddy of mine setup a WordPress webpage and I was off and running.  There is no better way I can think of at this point in time to reach people than the Internet.

Though my audience now is relatively small, I am grateful for everyone that takes the time to read these short articles.  Share them as much as you like.  Feel free to comment.  You might be the inspiration for the next article.

My goal is to entertain a little, challenge a little and sometimes even be a little amusing.  I might even reveal some things about me that even people that have known me for decades would be surprised to find out.

I find it refreshing that with all the technology that surrounds us that good old fashioned reading and writing still has its place. I still use a keyboard, typing at 35 words per minute just as I did in high school (although there were no computers then).

If you smile a little or find something you can relate to that’s great.  If anything I write helps just one person it is all worth it.