Marcellus Falls

Sometimes when I get on the bike I just want to ride. I don’t want to go too far and I don’t want to go too fast. Sometimes just being out there is good enough. It is a time for me to pray, meditate and in general shut my mind off to everything else that is going on. The anxiety levels go down and so does the blood pressure! I like to tell people that after a couple of hours on the bike I just don’t have the energy to be anxious.

When I was younger, I would go hard and fast every time out. On the weekends I would be so beat when I got home that I was shot for the rest of the day. The only things I could do were eat and sleep. That’s great if you have nothing else to do but I had children and I eventually realized I was of no use to them or anyone else if I was so tired the rest of the day that I couldn’t move.

I hope at this point it goes without saying that I don’t do that anymore. I keep cycling fun and leave myself enough energy to enjoy the rest of the day.

Today’s ride (complete with the obligatory photos) included Marcellus Falls. Marcellus Falls is located on North Street going out of Marcellus or Route 174 as you go south from Camillus. There are many small waterfalls along the route especially after it rains or spring run off that are beautiful and many places to pull off and enjoy the beauty of Nine Mile Creek.

Beware the fishermen. They are everywhere!

My favorite spot is Marcellus Falls. The old water wheel is still there and the mill has been converted into a lovely home. I remember not lot ago (ten years or less) that the water wheel was still functional. At times the current owners light up the falls at night and on special occasions. Very pretty.

I arrived home just shy of two hours and 32 miles still feeling pretty good. As it is with many things in life, the satisfaction of going the distance justifies the effort.

Happy riding everyone and happy Forth of July if you are in the USA.

Marcellus Falls with the obligatory bike photo.
Marcellus Falls
Beautiful Home with Foot Bridge.
There are many small waterfalls along the road.
There are many places like this along the road.