Jobs Galore

I really debated with myself about writing this article as I don’t like politics or taking sides.  If you’ve read “I Am Neither” (https://www.andrew-baldwin.com/2019/04/08/i-am-neither/) you know that I believe in being American, not being a party affiliation.  That being said, let’s give this issue a whirl.

The country is divided on the issue of immigration.  The Democrats/Liberals seem to want to let everyone in (open borders) and the Republicans/Conservatives don’t want to let anyone in (closed borders).  Somewhere in the middle is the answer. 

There is a shortage of skilled labor for building trades.  I have tried over and over again to get contractors to my house to get some stuff done so far to no avail.  I hear the same story from other people that live in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia as well as my friends that live here in Central New York.  Finding contractors that aren’t busy is nearly impossible.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been promised only for contractors to not show up.

Programmers are in high demand right now especially for integrating websites and databases.  I have a daughter that had a programming job before she even graduated from college.  Out sourcing programming to other countries is become more prevalent.  India is a country of choice as they are fast and relatively inexpensive

We need immigration and we need it badly perhaps more than any other time in history.  

Here is my common sense approach to getting it done.

  1. Stop the open border policy where everyone gets in and we have no idea who or what they are.
  2. Streamline the process for immigrants making it easier for people to get in that fill the jobs that we sorely need filled.  There is too much regulation and red tape.  Let them in and let them work.  They need the money and we need the labor.
  3. Give amnesty to the undocumented children of illegal immigrants.  Have a heart people.  Some of these kids have been here a long time and have been raised by foster parents.  My friend Jim is going to a conference soon just to discuss this issue.
  4. Like the current administration or not, there are jobs aplenty and not enough people to fill them.  It is time for the politicians at the Federal level to stop fighting with each other just for the sake of fighting and get some work done.  Immigration reform needs to get done sooner than later.  Do your jobs, the jobs you were elected to do.

Most of us are immigrants or children of immigrants (nod to the Native Americans).  It is high time to get this issue resolved for the good of all.