Miscellaneous Self Help


We had neighbors when we were growing up.  Well, we kind of had neighbors.  Living way out in the country the closest neighbor was 100 yards (100 meters) down the road.  The next closest neighbor was a quarter of a mile up the hill. 

When your neighbors are that far way there is little concern for them being nosey or being too loud or being any other kind of a bother.

I have moved around a lot and have had neighbors in many places.  Rarely did I even know their names as most people want to keep to themselves and hope that you will do the same.

That was until I moved to Jordan Road about seven years ago.  I have the two Daves that live nearby, John across the road and Terry next door.  We walk across each other’s lawn to get from place to place, wave and say hello and occasionally even share a bonfire.  We even help each other from time to time.

My closest neighbor is only thirty feet away.  Our driveways are so close that we could almost have a shared driveway.  Say hi to Chris and Lisa.

Chris and Lisa are a nice young couple (it seems most people to me now are young).  They both work, are quiet and take good care of their property.  We help each other when another set of hands are needed and Chris has bailed me out more than once when my driveway has had too much snow to shovel.  I helped them fill their pool and they helped me move a concrete block off my lawn.

Chris and Lisa keep to themselves and like it when I do the same.  Of course that doesn’t keep us from meeting out in our driveways on occasion to shoot the breeze.  In once such conversation Chris and I were talking about the qualities of being a good neighbor.  Chris said, “At yeast you’re not an idiot.”  I laughed.  I said, “Is that all it takes, just not being an idiot”,  He said, “Pretty much”.  So there you have it, not being an idiot is a good start. 

He also informed me that he had plans to put up a fence in the event that I ever sell my house and leave.

Your neighbors are probably not thought of much until you have bad ones and then life can be miserable.

Having good neighbors falls into the “other” category regarding things to be thankful for in life.  It is nice to have a sense of community and live in a place where everyone knows your name.

My neighbors are one of the reasons I have chosen to continue to live where I live.  If you have good neighbors, appreciate them.  And try not to be an idiot.