Miscellaneous Self Help


I often tell people that knowing what to do isn’t complicated.  It is usually quite simple.  Doing it however can be difficult.  Most things in life are the same way.  Simple but difficult.  We like to complicate things with all kinds of rationalizations.  We all have a tendency to come up with reasons for why we should or should not do things.  We are right either way.

We all have the answers deep within ourselves.  We only need to listen to our own hearts. Isn’t it about time you stop talking yourself out of what you REALLY want to do?  The thing most of us lack is the courage to move ahead with what we really want.

This was the topic of conversation I had with my brother last night.  I often have all kinds of conversation with my brother.   Last night the topic turned to courage and he offered me up this acronym I’d like to share with you. 


Confronting the dragons

Overcoming the obstacles

Understanding the risks

Really living

Always believing

Going the distance

Expecting the best

It takes courage to do what we know is right, to make that difficult choice, to take on that mountain of a challenge, to live our best lives. It will be hard but it will be worth it.  You are worth it. 

Start today.