Miscellaneous Self Help

Worry and Doubt

If you are anything like me, and many of you probably are in this one regard, then you probably worry about way too many things.  Worry is the precursor of anxiety, fear and doubt.  And worry is a choice.  We get to decide what we worry about. 

The opposite of worry and doubt is hope or belief that things will work out OK.   Worry doesn’t help anything, never has and never will.

AS I was sitting on the lawn mower today, I was telling myself that I couldn’t have everything. I was doubting my own abilities to have the things I want in life and worrying if my goals would ever be reached.  It was then I heard very clearly, “Oh yes you can have everything you want!”  Can you imagine all of your hopes and dreams coming true?  Living on the beach, retiring early, getting that college degree, starting that business?

As it is with most of us, there are two voices we listen to.  There is one that tells us everything we can’t do and everything we should be afraid of and the other voice telling us we can do anything we believe for.  It is a daily struggle for me to listen to the voice of hope.

The thing that limits us the most is ourselves.  It seems so simple to tell yourself you can do it.  Simple, yes.  Easy?  Probably not.  We are surrounded by people and a culture that tells us to be practical, or you’re too old, or you can’t afford it, etc, etc.  And then there is that “other” voice telling us we are a failure, what we want is impossible or impractical, there isn’t enough time or we’ll never get there.

With every great success there is a first step.  What is it that you truly want out of life?  What have you always wanted that you have thought until now was impossible?  Count the cost of not living your best life.  Take your dreams and make them into goals.  With every great success there is a first step.  Start today.  And keep going.  You are worth it.