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The Herd

As every year has passed by, it has become more and more difficult for me to take off that winter weight.  I am sure my metabolism is conspiring against me.  I used to be able to loose that 10 pounds (4.5 Kg) pretty quickly when the riding season started and I could get back on the bike.

Every year for the past five years there has been weight creep…it keeps going up two to three pounds every year.

I had been doing my best to do the indoor trainer thing.  Thirty minutes of that three to four times a week and you pretty much want to go jump off a bridge, boring beyond human tolerance.

I had heard about Zwift a few times so last fall (2018) I took the plunge and got a smart trainer and signed up.  If that was the end of the story, you’d be missing out on the most important part which is who do you ride with?

Yes, ride with.  Even in a virtual environment having company is not only important but can make it really fun.  There are a lot of egos on Zwift and a lot of uptight people so finding a fun group was a bit of challenge until I stumbled across The Herd.

I have been able to loose that 10 pounds except this time it happened over the Winter, completely unheard of.

So now to the real reason for this article.  Ta Dum!   

Top 10 Reasons You Should Ride with The Herd

  1. We are funny.  Well, at least we think we are.  If you join us on discord you can decide for yourself.
  2. We ride together.  Except when we don’t.  Ever heard of fliers?  They kind of do their own thing.
  3. We make the time fly by.  That’s what happens when you’re having fun.
  4. We make you feel loved.  Well, at least in our own twisted way which includes constant clean harassment.
  5. We make you feel a part of the group.  And we will actively recruit you to become leaders and sweepers.
  6. We sweep as a team.  The more the merrier and the bigger the draft.  If it is possible to get you back to the main group, we will.
  7. You will get in shape.  Especially if you help sweep.  Can you say intervals boys and girls?  I like how you say that.
  8. We have a word of the day.  Last night it was Hypoxia.  Don’t ask me what it means.  I don’t know.
  9. We will take photos of you.  Well, I mean photos of your avatar.  Ever seen the movie?  Not like that.
  10. We have The Marius, B.rad, Carl, Sue B, Mom Cory, Julie, Elizabeth, Wolfpack, Bobby LaBonte, Lee, Stan and many other colorful characters too numerous to mention.  If you’re on the right ride at the right time, you might even meet Dammit Man.  If you are unique, you’ll fit right in.  If you’re not, you’ll fit in anyway.

Happy Zwifting!