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Loving Things

As people, we tend to “fall in love” with things.  I know I do it all the time.  The latest thing I’ve fallen in love with is guitars.  You see the problem is I love them all, acoustic, electric, old, new, large, small and even guitar amplifiers.  It is an addiction of some kind, I’m sure. 

One day a few months ago I was on the phone with the owner of Riversong Guitars, Mike Miltemore, who told me I had gas.   I thought he was talking about flatulence or maybe I was jazzed or excited.  Nope, not what he meant at all.  He meant GAS as in Gear Acquisition Syndrome. GAS is where you just have to have it and the more the merrier.  I’ve seen lots of photos on Facebook where some people have dozens of guitars.  I am happy to say I am not that bad, or at least not yet.

The reason this is an issue for me today is that I collect Riversong Guitar customs and prototypes.  As long as I limit it to that I’m probably OK as there are not that many.  But today it appears I may have sold an older 2014 Special Edition Riversong guitar that I like but it doesn’t fit into my collection.  I’m also trading in a really nice Ovation Adamas that is all carbon fiber.  It is a beauty but again does not fit in my collection.  And I needed to trade it in to pay for another Riversong prototype.

So today I am feeling the anxiety of loss, as silly and pathetic as that sounds.  Yes, pathetic.

The thing is, these are just things.  I have come to the realization within the past year or so that things don’t really matter.  Things can be replaced, rebuilt, repaired and some other “re’s” that I’ll think of later.  Things are just things and can never make us truly happy.

So what does matter?  Love is the answer pure and simple and I’m not talking about the love of things.  The bible says if you have all things and you have not love, you are just a big noise maker.  I agree. 

The love being referred to here is the love of people and God (or the Intelligent Energy That Hold All Things Together if you prefer). 

The people that we love and that love us in return are all that really matter.  Our relationships with people give us purpose, security and a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. 

I try very hard every day to remember that love and relationships matter and things don’t.  I try daily to tell the people in my inner circle that I love them, care about them and appreciate them.  And yes, I actually say “I love you” even to my friends.  I believe the best way to lose the things we value most is to not express appreciation for them.  The best way to lose a blessing is to not be thankful.

Love makes the world go round, not things or money.

So today if you see me, since I am trying to remember that things don’t matter, people and relationships do, don’t be surprised if you hear me tell you that I love you and appreciate you.  I hope you do the same for the people you care in about in your life.  You just might make someone’s day.