Miscellaneous Self Help

Communication Patterns

I have always been fascinated by how people interact with each other.  I watch people, observe and try to understand the ins and outs of how they act and react.  You could say I am a student of human behavior.

Chances are you have all kinds of different relationships and ways you communicate with people.  With some people they do all the talking and you do all the listening.  With some it may be a quiet affair, sitting quietly enjoying each other’s company with little conversation.  With others it may be loud and boisterous, lots of jokes and laughter.

Hopefully in all of these there are healthy boundaries that were established from the very beginning.  Without boundaries relationship can become unhealthy very quickly and stay that way for a long time. 

So why not start off on the right foot?  Say please and thank you every time.  Say you are sorry when you are wrong and mean it.  Say I love.  I even say that to my guy friends.  Tell your friends you appreciate them.  Tell her she is beautiful every day.  Tell him he is awesome and you’re happy he is in your life. Little words mean a lot and help to build up a friendship foundation that can last a lifetime. 

The point of all this is really quite simple.  Communication patterns tend to be formed early and can be difficult to change later.  It is important to recognize good patterns and bad ones.  Establish your boundaries early.  It is lasting gift you give yourself.