Coffee Anyone?

I came home from work today to find a box on my front porch from Amazon.  I had ordered some stuff earlier this week but didn’t think it could have arrived just yet.  I also have a couple of friends staying in a camper for a couple of days while waiting to be sent to Italy (she is in the army).  They had something delivered here yesterday so I thought maybe it was for them.

Nope on both accounts.

I’m in the process of getting a room ready for AirBNB.  My brother was here over the weekend and he was fairly persistent about my need to have coffee available for my guests.  You see, I don’t drink coffee.  It makes me jittery and anxious.  I don’t own a coffee maker.  Well, I didn’t until today.

The package contained a single-serv coffee maker, coffee and a case of creamers.  My benefactor is probably my brother.  You see, he has a habit of sending me gifts whenever he stays at my place for a few days (he lives out of state).  The last time he was here, I was admiring his carry-on suitcase.  About a week later, there was one at my door.

My brother understands the value of making deposits in a relationship. No relationship works well unless both people are willing to put something into it.  I’m sure he sees he got the better end of the deal, chauffer service to and from the airport and a not having to pay for a hotel room when he comes to visit. I see it kind of the other way.  I benefit as I get to see him more if he is hanging with me.

We talk a lot on the phone, sometimes two or three times a week.  We look out for each other.  We give each other the precious gift of our time and energy.  Time and energy become more and more valuable as you get older as we are.

 Friends and relationships are a gift you give yourself.  You have to be a friend to have friends.  If you are unwilling to make an investment in others, they will most likely not invest in you.  The currency is mainly time and energy, listening, being supportive, being available, etc. 

I made a conscious decision over the past year to try and make more friends.  Being a shy introvert by nature, it is not an easy thing for me.  So far I’ve made at least two new friends, one of the ride or die variety.  My relationships with family have never been better.  It takes effort but it is worth it.

Relationships are like bank accounts.  You can’t keep making withdrawals unless you also make deposits.

Coffee anyone?