Foolish Dancing

I once heard a story about a man that was visiting Greece.  There was a big party going on and everyone, man, woman, boy and girl, young and old were in the circle dancing.  The man/visitor was watching from the sideline.  An old Greek woman sat down next to the man and said, “Why aren’t you dancing?” The man replied, “Everyone will see I can’t dance and I’ll look like a fool.”  The old woman said, “If you don’t get up and dance everyone will KNOW you are a fool.”

Many times over the years I’ve suggested to women that they tell their husbands or boyfriends to take their man pill and come out dancing.  It takes a real man to take the chance of looking foolish learning to dance as opposed to being foolish for not dancing with their lady. 

There is this stigma attached to dancing that it is not manly and that only women dance.  I’d like you to say that to Mikhail Baryshnikov.  That dude had one of the most impressive set of legs, comparable to any professional athlete.  Same for ballet dances, etc.  Years of hard work and dedication go into being in that great a shape and being that good.  There is nothing sissy about dancing.

More than that, dancing is really about having FUN.  It’s not about how good you are or how mistakes you make.  I’ve been dancing salsa for 11 years and I make mistakes all of the time.  That’s part of the fun for me, to make a mistake and cover it up by doing something silly on the dance floor so no one notices.  People all think I’m doing some fancy move when I’ll really covering up an oops!

I have recently entered the arena of West Coast Swing.  I can honestly say nothing prepared for how complicated the footwork seemed and all of the technique.  I am fortunate to say that I found an instructor that has “unlocked the mystery” for me just enough that I can now go home and practice.  I’m not very good but it is starting to make sense.

And lastly fellas, let me be really blunt.  There is no better aphrodisiac than dancing with your lady.  There is no better foreplay than being willing to go spend some time with her on the dance floor even if you’re not very good.  She will think the world of you for trying and appreciate the effort.   Just take your man pill and go do it.  You might even have fun.