What is your Mindset?

I remember when I was quite young I was working as an insurance agent. I had a house, a wife, a son and one on the way. I was working primarily on commission so money was always a challenge.

At that time I used to walk around the house telling myself that I would always have enough money to pay my bills. Sure enough in the months my expenses were high, my commissions were high and when expenses were low, commissions were low. I never had any extra money but I had exactly what I needed to scrape by. I had exactly what I believed for.

After a few years of this, I recognized that what I said and believed pretty much lined up with what I had. I said I would have enough to pay my bills and that was the result I got. I decided to do a little experiment and change what I said to myself. My new profession was that I would have enough money for everything I wanted to do. Within weeks my cash flow improved and I was no longer just getting by.

It is a common theme that runs through every belief system out there. In the Bible is says “as is your faith, so be it unto you”. The Law of Attraction same thing: you receive/attract what you see yourself doing. We often talk about what we think, say and believe become self-fulfilling prophecies. One thing is certain, if you don’t believe you can do something you most certainly won’t!

As a person thinks, they are.

I often hear people (and myself!) saying, “I can’t afford it”. Well, you certainly can’t if that’s what tell yourself. Next time, trying saying, “I can figure out how to afford”. Then step back and watch the results…you’ll be amazed. When you tell yourself you “can”, the Universe/God and your mind go to work figuring out the details. What we tell ourselves is the most important voice we listen to every day. If we believe something is possible it is. Do you stop and think about what you tell yourself? In the Bible it says that King “David encouraged himself”.

Yesterday during my meditation/prayer time, I was pondering a situation that is causing me to have to wait, something I’m not good at. I see waiting as a BAD thing. It came to me that waiting can be a GOOD thing and indeed often waiting for a situation to work itself out has a better outcome than forcing the issue. The change of mind seeing the wait as a GOOD thing took that unsettled feeling and turned it into a peaceful one.

Your breakthrough is right around the corner. See what you want, believe it is possible and tell yourself you can do it. It sounds simple and it really works.